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Lateral Sewer Camera Inspections

We perform lateral sewer scope inspections for Melbourne FL, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, and all of Brevard County. 

Melbourne Florida sewer scope, Palm Bay sewer camera inspection, satellite beach sewer can, Idalantic, Rockledge, Titusville. 

A Wohler compact camera is used to perform these inspections. A locator can determine the locaiton of the head, allowing the ability to mark off the specific area where the pipe exists. 

Are your sewer pipes failing? 

Thousands of homes in Brevard County have aged cast iron pipes under the concrete foundations. Once they fail, they can cause sewage back ups and leak raw sewage into the soil and concrete. 

Repairs to the plumbing drains can be costly, requiring cutting the pipe out of the slab. Not only does the pipe need replacing, but demolition to the bathrooms and flooring could alone cost in the tens of thousands to repair. 

Newer homes with PVC can also have problems as well. Improper applications, blockages, clogs and foundation settling can all lead to costly back ups and inconveniences. 

A comprehensive lateral scope will help determine if costly repairs are expected during due diligence or pre-purchase inspections. 

Fogarty Inspection Services Group can perform a video scope inspection of the main sewer lateral, and provide you with the information you need. 

The inspection is intended for the main sewer lateral or drain pipe only. Smaller pipe are generally too tight to access or they have become so brittle, damage could occur when trying to enter the pipes. 

A lateral sewer scope inspection can find numerous defects including:

  • Blockages caused by debris or grease. 

  • Root intrusions or penetrations. 

  • Crushed pipes.

  • Sags in the pipe, causing ponding or build up of solids in the line. 

  • Rust scaling or pipe deterioration from age. 

The inspection will include videos or photos of the scan performed. 

A video showing the general condition of aged cast iron pipes. This pipe had heavy interior corrosion and sediment build up along the bottom. 

Heavy corrosion will also reduce the flow of materials. This pipe should be replaced before a complete failure occurs. 

A visible pipe in the crawlspace of a 1950's era home. Swelling from corrosion caused this section to split. 

This image shows pipe failure by rusting through. Water has perforated the pipe, and rust deposits are forming stalactites.  

This pipe has failed and needs replacing.